Core Product Features

Neovest maximizes the performance of buy-side, sell-side, and other investment professionals by providing the very latest innovations in trading technology. Neovest's trading technology offers traders and institutions a comprehensive assortment of order entry, analytics, and trade management software solutions tightly integrated into one robust application.


By using Neovest's Direct Market Access technology, traders possess the advantage of being able to electronically route orders to ECNs, ATSs, exchanges, brokers, and popular algorithmic products. In addition, Neovest's new Trade Management System connects portfolio managers directly to the desk by providing real-time management of individual traders and any and all order related information.


Neovest incorporates a vast array of trading analytics with advanced order management capabilities. Neovest's flexible functionality includes comprehensive alerts, news, quotes, level II, depth of book, tickers, time & sales, charting indicators, and real-time filtering. These Neovest components are intelligently combined with impressive order entry features such as basket/list trading, conditional orders, order slicing, and electronic execution of options.


In addition to the exciting features that Neovest provides, traders may utilize Neovest's Strategy Server to define market impact strategies and to executeorders for black box, quant, and program trading groups.

Picture of a Neovest Chart window

Charts/Technical Analysis

With a wide variety of technical indicators, time frames, and adjustable study parameters, Neovest's charting flexibility lets traders quickly input and manipulate symbol data in various types of colorful and feature-rich charts.

Quote Screens

Neovest’s QuickQuote window is designed to display real-time price, bid, ask, net, trend, volume, and other essential information on individual symbols.


Neovest’s QuoteWatch window is designed to display real-time price, net, trend, bid, ask, volume, and other essential information on any number of symbols you enter. This window offers impressive flexibility and functionality and provides you with a clear and concise format to view market data.

Picture of Quote Screens

Picture of a Neovest News window


Neovest's News window provides up-to-the-minute symbol news headlines and stories from a variety of news sources. As soon as a Neovest News window is opened, it will load the 30 latest symbol news headlines on a variety of symbols and will continue to add new headlines as they are transmitted from various news sources.

Ticker Tapes

Neovest's Ticker Tape window lets traders continually cycle through any number of symbols, view virtually any type of symbol data, add multiple ticker tapes to the window, and configure each ticker tape differently.

Picture of a Neovest Ticker window