As a broker-neutral platform, Neovest 7.0 lets traders send orders to unlimited destinations using a wide array of execution tools in the system. Utilizing these tools, traders may work orders in over 20 markets globally, connecting to algorithmic, DMA, cash, dark, and other destination types.

Picture of Neovest tickets

Single Stock

Neovest 7.0 allows users to trade individual names through a variety of means. Some methods include single order tickets, one-click trading from market data fields, action buttons, and order generation from parent-trade targets.


The powerful pairs utility in Neovest 7.0 offers advanced functionality to create and send custom pairs combinations to a range of broker pairs desks. The wide array of spread formulas coupled with many flexible parameters gives users total control. Neovest’s Spread Monitor allows users to create a pair and monitor it for execution opportunities.


Picture of Neovest pairs


Picture of Neovest portfolio trading

Portfolio/List Trading

The Trade Manager module in version 7.0 gives traders a means to create and import lists of stocks. The list may be broken up into multiple waves and routed to different destinations. The powerful summary screen allows users to view lists by any criteria, such as sector, liquidity, side, etc.