Idea Generation

Filter tools in Neovest allow portfolio managers and traders to generate idea lists by creating custom criteria across Neovest’s universe of global market data and securities. Reverse filtering tools provide views into what filters a particular equity meets the criteria for.

Picture of a Neovest Filter window

Filters (Local and Server-side)

Neovest provides the most powerful filtering technology available over the Internet. Neovest offers a broad range of filters that traders may use to search the entire market in real time for symbols that meet specific price, volume, trend, trade size, moving average, and other important criteria.


Reverse Filters

Neovest's Reverse Filter window is designed to show the Neovest filters that have located a specific symbol. Once a symbol is entered in a Reverse Filter window, Neovest will instantaneously search through its hundreds of dynamically updating Neovest filters and display only those filters that have located the symbol specified.



Picture of a Neovest Reverse Filter window

Picture of Neovest Alerts widnow


Neovest supports basic real-time price, volume, and block size alerts on individual symbols and also provides a variety of custom alert criteria allowing percent change, moving average, fundamental data, and other types of alerts on individual symbols.