Neovest operates in a disciplined, yet agile environment where it can understand client needs and identify solutions to help clients succeed. A core tenet to the Neovest product approach is to provide clients with technology advancements that give them an edge.

AlgoGenetics / BlackLight

AlgoGenetics and BlackLight take the labor out of managing many individual orders across many destinations. These two powerful tools work together, allowing users to easily create customized routes. The predefined sequences decide when, where, and how much to route based on each user's criteria.


Picture of Neovest AlgoGenetics

Picture of Neovest Analytics

Pre-/Post-/In-Trade Analytics

With direct connectivity to the exchanges, Neovest’s analytics system compiles real-time market data and order info to give traders and portfolio managers pre-, post-, and in-trade analytics. Pre-trade analytics show market impact, risk, and timing information in easy-to-read charts with customizable levels of aggressiveness. In-trade analytics offer many real-time metrics that show how each user's orders and targets compare to the street. Post-trade analytics tools show how well users beat the street.

OMS integrated functionality

Neovest’s OMS functionality in version 7.0 gives buy- and sell-side firms the ability to manage parent target trades, direct orders, control average prices, capture done away trades, view real-time P&L, and manage and rebalance positions.