The following instructions explain how to install Neovest:


  • The Neovest file will then start downloading...

  • Click Run once the "Security Warning" box appears.

  • The install "Wizard" will then run...

  • Once the install wizard finishes, the "Setup" wizard will launch. Once the "Setup" box appears, click Next.

  • Select the destination where Neovest is to be installed by clicking Browse and choosing the location. Then, click Next.

  • Select the folder where the setup wizard should place Neovest shortcuts, or click Next to cause Windows to automatically select the location for the shortcuts.

  • Click Next under the "Additional Tasks" category to create a desktop icon.

  • The install process will then begin...

  • After Neovest finishes installing, locate and double-click the Neovest icon on the desktop to launch Neovest and sign in with the provided credentials.