Neovest Attends Credit Suisse Gloabal Trading Forum 2017
April 5, 2017—Find out more information on the full announcement page at the following link. [Full Announcement]

Bloomberg PORT Integration
October 14, 2015—Portfolio data from Neovest can now be pre-integrated with the Bloomberg Professional® service providing turnkey access to the portfolio analytics, news, and alerts that are crucial to managing your business smoothly and efficiently.[Full Press Release]

Neovest announces new CEO
October 14, 2015—Neovest, Inc. today announced that its board of directors appointed Mr. Greg Cook as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Cook previously served as Chief Technical Officer. [Full Press Release]

Neovest Adds South Korea Exchange as Equity Market Data Offering
August 6, 2013—Neovest recently increased its market data offering in the Asia Pacific region with the addition of the Korea Exchange (KRX) equities feed.
[Full Article]

Neovest Launches Global Futures Platform
January 25, 2012—Neovest adds access to 15 new futures markets to its Neovest execution management system (EMS) as part of a drive to build up the global platform. [Full Article]

Neovest Adds JP Morgan's Pairs Algorithm
December 15th, 2010—Neovest announced the addition of the new JP Morgan pairs algorithm to Neovest’s Pairs Trading capabilities. This new functionality allows traders to create and send custom pairs combinations to the JP Morgan pairs algorithm and its considerable range of pairs strategies. [Full Press Release]

Neovest Releases 6.0
August 20th, 2010—Neovest releases 6.0, which features include integrated Pre-Trade Analytics, Futures trading, Calendar Spreads, and a new Docking Framework that allows Tabbed Windows, Hidden Headers, and Locked Layout capabilities. The Neovest 6.0 Montage window now offers the ability to display various market-data fields in the depth and to replace orders in the attached ticket. In addition, 6.0 provides support for Click Trading (sending orders via a single mouse click), customized coloring for market data fields, and the ability to utilize Single Order Actions via the Trade Manager window.

Another enhancement in 6.0 include its integration into the Neovest Portfolio Server. This integration not only allows Neovest greater flexibility with future enhancements but is a critical step in minimizing overall message processing and increasing the client capacity for large portfolios. [Full Press Release]

Neovest Releases 5.6
February 28th, 2010—Neovest releases 5.6, which features include the ability to simultaneously create Done Away and then Allocate; Charting enhancements whereby users may alternate colors for each day, alter major grid line logic, add one-day spacing for Intraday Charts, show horizontal Line Tracking of the current price; support for Filtering on International Exchanges; added Cancel/Replace capabilities for Pairs; improved workflow and setup for Multi-Leg Options; added Audio Alerting capabilities for targets; created support for Option Targets; added support for Basis Point Allocation; and enhanced workflow and ease of moving orders. [Full Press Release]

Neovest Releases 5.5
September 30th, 2009—Neovest releases 5.5, which features include synthetic Pairs Symbols, Buy Writes, as well as the ability to create custom conditional formatting rules for the Neovest Trade Manager window. [Full Press Release]

Neovest Releases 5.4
May 1, 2009—Neovest releases 5.4, which features include Portfolio Rebalancing, Pre-Trade Analytics, as well as the ability to visually compare and chart Order Analytics against real-time market-data. [Full Press Release]

Neovest Releases 5.3
February 1, 2009—Neovest releases 5.3, which features include Flexible Summary roll-up via the Trade Manager Window as well as compatibility with LiquidNet and ITG Channel dark pools. [Full Press Release]

LeveL Announces Connectivity with Neovest
October 06, 2008—Neovest has remained at the forefront for providing consolidated dark pool connectivity and is excited about the synergy that will be offered through its relationship with LeveL ATS. [Full Article]

Neovest Launches BlackLight
June 2, 2008—Neovest's newest technology, BlackLight, is designed to find liquidity in a broad range of dark pools. This unique functionality enables buy-side traders to seamlessly participate in the 40 dark pools and crossing networks available through Neovest. [Full Press Release]

Neovest Releases 5.2
May 1, 2008—Neovest releases 5.2, which features include Smart Order Router capabilities via the AlgoGenetics window as well as Portfolio functionality being added into the Neovest Trade Manager window. [Full Press Release]

Neovest's Do-It-Yourself Algo Revolution
October 30, 2007—First came the OMS. Then the EMS. Now there’s an AMS. Neovest, the builder of a popular execution management system, is incorporating functionality into its platform that lets traders more efficiently manage their use of the 100-plus algorithms on the system. [Full Press Release]

Neovest Launches AlgoGenetics, a Multibroker Algorithmic Management System
September 17, 2007—Neovest Inc., a leading provider of high-performance trading technology, today introduced AlgoGenetics, a new class of software the firm describes as a multi-broker Algorithmic Management System. [Full Article]

Bank of New York Mellon's Pershing Unit to Provide Customers with Neovest Product
July 23, 2007—The Bank of New York Mellon's Pershing Unit to Provide Customers with Access to Innovative Trading Technology Solutions from Neovest, Inc.
"Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, has added Neovest, Inc. to its suite of comprehensive open architecture trading technology solutions." [Full Article]

Neovest Announces Actionable Indications of Interest
April 23, 2007—Neovest Now Offers IOI Service to Clients
"Neovest Inc., a leading provider of high-performance execution and order management technology, announced today a new indication of interest (IOI) service that allows buy-side traders to immediately trade on indications directed to them by a broker." [Full Article]

Neovest Now Provides Access to Dark Routes
February 15, 2007—Neovest Expands Access to 15 "Dark Pools"
"Neovest, Inc., a provider of high-performance trading technology and direct market access, now connects to 15 "dark pools" of liquidity, which refers to those trading networks that do not publish quotes in the open market. Furthermore, Neovest recently launched an active trading tool that simultaneously disseminates orders to numerous "dark" destinations, aimed at providing quick and broad access to these multiple sources of hidden liquidity. . . ." [Full Article]

JPMorgan Acquires Neovest
September 1, 2005—JPMorgan announced today the completion of its acquisition of Neovest Holdings Inc., effective September 1, 2005. [Full Press Release]

JPMorgan to Acquire Neovest
June 23, 2005—JPMorgan announces agreement to acquire Neovest Holdings, Inc.
"JPMorgan announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Neovest Holdings, Inc., a provider of high-performance trading technology and direct market access, from a group of private investors led by CCP Equity Partners. With this transaction, JPMorgan will offer a leading, broker-neutral trading platform across asset classes to institutional investors, asset managers, and hedge funds. . . ." [Full Article]

Waters Directory, 2005
"Modern Flight at New Heights"

Article in Waters Directory on equities trading electronic technologies, by Tom Van Riper, former COO of Neovest.
". . . Increasingly, traders are becoming systems engineers and the sales traders are expected to be trained and then cross-sell all of the firm's more complex products. Firms like Neovest will continue to enhance the controls, streamline the dials, and benchmark results to assist our clients in optimal trading performance. . . ." [Full Article]

NASDAQ TotalView
April 5, 2005—Neovest adds NASDAQ TotalView to its impressive lineup of existing features.
"Neovest . . . recently added NASDAQ TotalView to its impressive lineup of existing features. NASDAQ TotalView provides direct access to all displayed quotes and orders attributed to each NASDAQ market participant, thus allowing institutions and traders to view the full depth of the NASDAQ market. . . ." [Full Article]

Past Events

May, 2005—Neovest President and CEO, Bryce Byers, was featured on CNBC's Sqwakbox and Powerlunch as part of a special inquiry into electronic trading technology in the hedge fund industry.