Neovest Offers NASDAQ TotalView to Institutions and Traders

New York, April 5, 2005 — Neovest™—an electronic trading software platform that integrates direct market access, advanced order management, real-time market data, and advanced analytics in a comprehensive and robust application—recently added NASDAQ TotalView to its impressive lineup of existing features.

NASDAQ TotalView provides direct access to all displayed quotes and orders attributed to each NASDAQ market participant, thus allowing institutions and traders to view the full depth of the NASDAQ market.

“TotalView is a welcome addition to our real-time decision support trading edge, which now includes over 300 real-time filters,” stated Tom Van Riper, Chief Operating Officer of Neovest.

Using TotalView, active investors will see more than five times the liquidity of Level II and 50% more liquidity within five cents of the inside market.

“TotalView provides Neovest users with the best view of NASDAQ, allowing them to observe the drivers of the market, the total displayed anonymous interest submitted to the NASDAQ Market Center, and the total size of all displayed quotes and orders,” stated Bill O’Brien, Senior Vice President at NASDAQ.

In addition, TotalView’s comprehensive depth of view enables traders to follow pockets of liquidity, access liquidity more quickly, better comprehend how orders are distributed throughout the market, identify new trading opportunities, and pursue unique trading strategies.

Bryce Byers, Chief Executive Officer of Neovest, recently said, "The combination of Neovest technology and NASDAQ TotalView is a perfect fit to empower the industry to really utilize the full functionality of TotalView. Neovest’s innovative market depth display capabilities, coupled with our leading edge order execution technology, create a powerful solution for our institutional clients."

Neovest maximizes the performance of buy-side, sell-side, and other investment professionals by providing the very latest innovations in trading technology. Neovest’s direct market access technology encompasses equities, futures, and options trading and allows traders to electronically route their orders to all major ECNs, exchanges, brokers, and popular algorithmic products.

With the most comprehensive order entry front-end offering available, Neovest provides institutions and active traders with the most complete set of customizable order types in the investment software industry. Neovest supports one-click pre-defined order routing, real-time monitoring and manipulation of pending orders, conditional orders, order slicing, and advanced basket/list trading.

Neovest is uniquely positioned as the only direct market access system that offers a comprehensive set of front-end analytics that includes advanced montage, charting, over 300 pre-defined filters, reverse filtering, news, and alerts in a tightly integrated environment for maximum speed and trading efficiency.

Institutional traders and firms may contact Neovest directly at 800.433.4276 or to take advantage of a free 30-day trial program available to new TotalView subscribers.